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Piper Boot Camp 2015 has been added!
by William Beazley - Wednesday, 24 June 2015, 2:06 am

A new, super course has been added:

Piper Boot Camp 2015

This is designed to further organize the 118 modular topics into a course outline.  The topical modules can be taken in the sequence presented or in any order desired.

The course is an update to the famous Piper Boot Camp, used by SPED as preparation for their Professional Piping Designer (PPD) Level I exam.  SPED (Society of Piping Engineers and Designers) is the only organization devoted exclusively to the piping profession. 

The course will be changed and improved on an ongoing basis.  Course completers should contact SPED directly to take the PPD Level I exam and to obtain certification. (SPED currently includes testing and application fees in the cost of their own courses.)

There is no additional subscriber cost to take this new course.

Bill Beazley