Pipe Design - Size Change and TerminationPipe Design - Elbows and BendsPipe Design - Pipe Branching

Someone with these skills can:

List the common components which can
change line size
Explain the centerline offset calculation
for eccentric reducers
Explain how line size changes can trap
liquids, vapors and solids
Compare and contrast the common
options for terminating a line without a
connection to a nozzle
Someone with these skills can:

Contrast the Elbow or Miter methods of in-
line direction changes
Explain the convention for radii for pipe
bends and elbows (Standard, Long
Radius, 2D and 3D, etc.)
Define commonly used bending processes
Explain the defects found in bent pipe
Someone with these skills can:

Describe the three main methods of
branching new pipe
List the main fittings used for branching
Describe the common methods of
completing branches through holes in
Describe the process of extruding an
attachment for a branch
Describe the process of hot tapping in
operating pipe