PID Drafting - SymbolsPID Drafting - PID LayoutPID Drafting - Narrative DescriptionPID Drafting - PID PFD Cross Check PID Drafting - PID Simplifications

Someone with these skills can:

Identify P&ID Symbols for commonly used
Pipe, valves and fitting (PVF)
Equipment and internals
Line symbols
Explain the common standards for P&ID:
ANSI/ISA5.11984 (R1992)
IEC 27-2A
DIN 19227 and others
Someone with these skills can:

Describe the following P&ID Layout practices:
Limiting the number of Major Pieces of Equipment Detailed
Flowing Left to Right
Grid Systems
Off Page Connectors
CAD Layer Convention
Explain the use of:
Title block
Revision Tables
Check and Approval Signoffs
List details that are typically shown for vessels on a P&ID
Someone with these skills can:

List information that is brought forward
from PFD to P&ID
List PFD information that is further
detailed on P&ID
Explain the impact of PFD data changes
on P&ID
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the goals of P&ID simplification
Contrast the simplifications of common
instrumentation details
Explain the consequences on creating
accurate Bills of Material (BOMs)
Someone with these skills can:

Contrast the goals of Chemical Engineers,
Mechanical Engineers and Piping Designers
in writing narratives of P&IDs (streams vs
Explain the process of describing P&IDs for
piping designers
Describe the following as a system with
interfaces and connections:
P&ID sheet
Major vessel or equipment item