Process Plant Design - Unique CharacteristicsProcess Plant Design - StakeholdersProcess Plant Design - Project Roles and ResultsProcess Plant Design - Post Design Life Cycle

Someone with these skills can:

Define the characteristics of
chemical plants that differ from
other plants
Identify code and practices
which have been customized for
plant design
Define the Basic Components of
a Typical Chemical Process

Someone with these skills can:

Identify and describe the role of the
major types of contractual parties to a
process plant design
Describe the interchange of
requirements between a client and a
Describe how design decisions further
constrain project requirements.
Someone with these skills can:

Define the following roles in piping design:
Designer Supervisor/Group Leader
Piping Designer
Define common status terms for information
Someone with these skills can:

List operational states of process plants
after release for construction
List updates and other uses make of
piping documents after design
Identify examples of additional data
acquired after design (serial numbers,
maintenance records).