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Someone with these skills can:

Identify the major parts of a pressure
Identify major connections and openings
in pressure vessels
Identify major support and lift
appurtenances for vertical and horizontal
Someone with these skills can:

List the critical steps in fabricating, testing
and inspecting a pressure vessel
List the normal steps in a leak and hydro-
List typical hold points for 3rd party
inspection or witnessing
List inspection documentation that usually
accompanies a pressure vessel
Someone with these skills can:

Define the major head shapes used in
pressure vessels
List key parameters used in defining
head curvatures
Explain common methods of
manufacturing heads
Someone with these skills can:

Explain preferred placement of common
vertical vessel appurtenances
Name the parts and key welds of a
reinforce nozzle
Explain the data entries of a vessel
opening schedule
Someone with these skills can:

Describe the layout of horizontal and vertical vessels
Differentiate Seam/Seam vs Tangent/Tangent
Explain nozzle layout and dimensioning in:
Horizontal vessel end view
Vertical vessel orientation plan
Someone with these skills can:

List the steps in erecting a vessel on
Explain the use of two cranes in
uprighting a vessel
List the access and padsite
requirements for vessel lift and setdown
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the Unfired Pressure Vessel Section VIII as part of a
larger ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code
Explain the VIII definition of pressure vessels and application
Explain the 3 Divisions of VIII and the subsections applying
to all PVs, certain manufactures and certain materials
Explain the categorization of welds and the concept of Joint
Define nameplate data elements and their relationship to
hydro-test pressure, operating pressure and pressure relief
valve set-point