Piping CAD - ConceptsPiping CAD - Models and RenderingPiping CAD - Database IssuesPiping CAD - Data Integrity ChecksPiping CAD - Data Capture and Reuse

Someone with these skills can:

Compare and contrast computer aided
drafting vs design
Explain the Piping CAD support of:
Local Coordinate Systems
Explain how CAD minimizes the number of
parameters for placing a piping component
Someone with these skills can:

Identify which piping items are best
modeled as swept solid and as
constructed solids
Explain how macros and standardized
libraries maintain CAD data integrity
Explain rendering from data models onto
paper space or other views
List tools for selecting items in solid
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the advantages of using databases
for model-based piping CAD
Define and give examples of non-graphic
piping data
Compare and Contrast component copy into a
model and instancing in the model
Explain the maintenance of customized
Explain the use of reference models in local
design CAD tasks
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the data of record concept for
design documents
Define a Clash Checks for:
Explain how generated documents
avoid inconsistencies
Describe when to backup CAD data
Someone with these skills can:

Contrast automated recording of field
measurement with data capture
Explain the laser scan of physical sites
List methods of using and enhancing
laser scan point clouds
List typical post-design uses of CAD