Pipe Welding - Weld DefectsPipe Welding - Pipe Weld InspectionPipe Welding - Heat Treatment

Someone with these skills can:

Define the main features of a fillet weld
Describe these weld defects
Undercut and Overlap
Underfill and Incomplete Penetration
Pores, Voids
Explain the usual remedy for an
unacceptable weld defect
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the common techniques for
external and internal Non-Destructive
Testing (NDT) of pipe
Explain the design advantages of better
and more complete pipe NDT
Explain the need for in-service inspection
Someone with these skills can:

Describe the common types of pipe
weld heat treatment
Explain the beneficial effects of weld
heat treatment
Explain typical equipment used to heat
pipe welds