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Someone with these skills can:

Explain the purpose of special hardware
at points of support
Define and give examples of the
Rigid Hanger
Rigid Support (from Below)
Variable Support or Hanger
Constant Support or Hanger
Stops, Clamps, etc.
Someone with these skills can:

Explain why deflection rather than stress can
govern permitted span in some applications.
Explain the effect of heavy components,
insulation, pipe contents, on permitted span
Explain how pipe racks, sleepers, stanchions,
etc. are placed to satisfy permitted span.
Someone with these skills can:

List supports usable when the following
items displace or expand during operations:
Tall equipment (e.g. trunnion)
Horizontal runs of pipe
Vertical runs of pipe
Compare and contrast variable vs constant
spring supports
Compare and contrast Friction expected in
sliding (friction) vs roller supports (low
Someone with these skills can:

Compare and Contrast the roles of
Guides vs Anchors
List the 6 Orthogonal Displacements
controlled by guides
Explain how guides and stops can be
Describe the motion of selected guides
Someone with these skills can:

Compare and contrast force-closed vs
form-close kinematic joints
Identify supports that are force-closed
and might not function correctly in
certain circumstances
Describe the linear movement and non-
linear movement of selected pipe
Someone with these skills can:

List the steps in pipe support design
Define the localized static analysis
approximate method to size supports
Define guidance used in selecting
hanger supports:
Percent travel
Multiple springs
Load assignment to riser supports, etc.
Someone with these skills can:

List typical failures in support design
List failures due to process design or
operational failures
List typical modes of support failure