Pipe Stress - ConceptsPipe Stress - B16-5 Flange SelectionPipe Stress - Weight SolutionsPipe Stress - ASME B31-3 ApplicabilityPipe Stress - B31-3 Assurance

Someone with these skills can:

List common effects of pipe stress and
expansion loads on pipe and equipment
Define the actions of:
Explain the process of selecting pipe
runs for the Critical Lines List
Someone with these skills can:

Define ASME B16.5 Flange Rating Class as it
applies to flanged components
Select a B16.5 flange rating class for a
common steel at a temperature and pressure
Explain the effects of increasing pressure and
temperature on required flange rating class
Define the DIN (Deutsches Institut Fur
Normung E.V., German National Standard)
Flange Rating Class system
Someone with these skills can:

Apply the three common screenings for steel
pipe in racks:
Continuously Supported
Simply Supported
Cantilever Supported
Explain the notion of allowable span for pipe
and apply to placement of supports
Explain how placement of heavy components
might affect pipe deflection and stress
Someone with these skills can:

List areas addressed in B31.3 Sections
List examples of plants to which B31.3
Explain how listed components are pre-
Someone with these skills can:
Define the categories of fluid service
Define Hoop stress vs longitudinal stress
List the major concerns addressed by B31.3
code checks and practices.
Explain Primary, Secondary and
Occasional Load Types
Explain fatigue as it applies to piping in
Shakedown and Ratcheting
Mill Tolerance
Corrosion Allowance
Joint Efficiency