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Someone with these skills can:

Identify common pipe support structures
Identify major details of pipe racks, including:
Bent, Bay
Column, Stanchion, Tee
Beam, Spandrel
Define common terms relative to contact
points (BOP, TOS, BOS, etc.)
Someone with these skills can:

List the general steps for rack pipe layout
List the major considerations in placing
pipe in the rack:
Assignment to levels and to location
Rack composite section at a column line
Handling of large diameter line exits
Spacing of flanged pipe
Access to meter runs
Alternate use of columns
Turns and expansion
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the effects of thermal line
growth in the rack
List the methods of controlling line
Describe the structural implications of
loops and anchors in the rack
Describe methods of supporting small
pipes and exiting lines
Someone with these skills can:

Compare and contrast the rack then pipe
vs pre-piped module approach to
Explain rigid frame construction in racks
(moment bearing joints, etc.)
Explain the order of placement of process
pipe, utility pipe and cables
Explain fireproofing of steel rack members
Someone with these skills can:

Identify items that are often
Placed atop rack columns
Mounted to rack columns
List strategies that might allow for future
uses of racks