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Someone with these skills can:

Name and Explain the Major Properties of
Identify the following for Steel on a Stress
Strain Diagram:
Elastic Range
Yield Strength
Ultimate Strength
Define Fatigue Failure
Someone with these skills can:

Identify major alloys of metal
Define alloy
Name elements commonly alloyed with Iron
Describe the ASTM Numbering Convention for steel alloys
Someone with these skills can:

Differentiate welding, brazing and
Match the major weld process used for
pipe to their acronyms
Explain the methods used to keep oxygen
away from molten metal
Explain which weld technologies are
better for top side welds
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the location of weld symbol
elements on a typical callout
Identify common gas and arc weld
symbols, including:
Fillet, V, J and groove welds
Callout side vs far side
Groove and Slot Welds
Identify selected designs as having
inaccessible weld locations
Someone with these skills can:

Explain how rapid cooling traps carbon In martensite
Explain the weld's Heat Affected Zone
Stress Relieving
Hot and Cold Working
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the General Process of ASME
Code Welding
Explain the:
Procedure Qualification Record (PQR)
Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS)
Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ)
Define and Give Examples of Essential
and Non-Essential Variables
Someone with these skills can:

Define corrosion of metals
List common corrosion types
List common methods of corrosion protection
Explain acceleration of corrosion at injection
points or turbulence
Define tell-tale holes