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Someone with these skills can:

List and describe the four main methods
of manufacturing pipe
Identify which methods of manufacture:
Carry forward sheet mill tolerances to wall
Have thickness mill tolerances from the
manufacturing itself
Can be adjusted to vary pipe diameter
without changing tooling and dies
Use long sheets (skelp) of thin plates vs
short, thick plates
Someone with these skills can:

Explain the process of Weld Joining of
Pipe and components
Explain end preparation types and how
they are made
Describe tooling used for holding,
aligning and spacing components for
Someone with these skills can:

Compare and contrast piping ISOs and
Pipe Spool Drawings
List information added to spool drawing
not on Fabrication ISOs
List requirements of pipe welding that
are often better done by fabricating
shops and their tooling
Someone with these skills can:

Define the content of Comment
Sections of a Fab ISO Drawing
Explain the correspondence of item,
spool and connection symbols and
notations with other drawing data
Someone with these skills can:

List the common finishes for steel pipe
Define pipe coatings and their purpose
Define key elements of the ASTM and
API pipe marking systems
Someone with these skills can:

List common modes of pipe spool
Describe the limitations transportation
imposes on spool dimensions
Describe typical limitations on spools for
shipping and stacking spools that can
improve its ability to be stacked for
Someone with these skills can:

Use component catalogs and pipe
tables to retrieve unit weights
Calculate pipe segment weights from
weight per foot
Sum component and segment weights